SolarMaxx Solar Water Heating

SolarMaxx solar water heating is amongst the most affordable and simple to install of all solar hot water systems.

Approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India. SolarMaxx solar water heating not only help you to CUT Water Heating costs, it gives you the luxury to use Hot Water all round the year without a question of you spending the hard-earned money on electricity, coal, wood or gas bills. Moreover, your investment in Solar Heating is eligible for several benefits and rebates.

The SolarMaxx solar water heating systems are built around the revolutionary Evacuated Vacuum tubes technology. These vacuum tubes help raise the water temperature faster even during partially cloudy or foggy conditions.

SolarMaxx solar water heating system is ideal for Home, Hotel, Hostel, Hospital and industrial water heating.

SolarMaxx Solar Lighting

SolarMaxx Solar Lights are a break-through in outdoor-lighting arena. Not only have we designed lights to match varied roads, areas and street-lighting needs we have also used extremely long life, zero maintenance Solar panels, best in class LED luminary, good quality batteries and powder coated poles that withstand all weather conditions, storms and monsoons. You can assist India in saving a lot of its electricity, wood or coal by switching to this green and renewable source of energy.

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